Forex Trading


The newly launched Forex Ripper is a fully automated Forex robot perfectly suited for daily trading as well as scalping trading.

Trades are frequent, averaging about 3 each day and perform with extremely high accuracy and low draw downs.

The sophisticated EA system targets trades that are not too small but also have stop losses that are not too high and takes into account
price, indicators and multiple time frame analysis.



This all bodes well for short-term as well as long-term profits.

The problem with many other systems with scalping options is that they tend to spit out small profits but they come with a high stop loss.

The downside of this is that you may find yourself happily profiting for weeks or even a few months but once the Stop Loss is hit you could lose
all your profits.

The difference with Forex Ripper is that it is also equipped with an Advance EA designed specifically for long-term trading rather than short-term profits.

Its safety and profitability lies in the fact that it analyses the weekly and monthly market movement hence reducing the risk element.

The beauty of having two robots in one system means you can use the Main EA for daily trading or scalping and use the Advanced EA for long-term trading.
This allows you to maximise your profits and at the same time reduce risks.

As for the Stop Loss sitting at just 95 pips huge draw downs are completely eradicated. All of these elements combined really does make Forex Ripper a ‘super-robot’.

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